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// Furniture Workshop & Design Studio, Digbeth, Birmingham

We make your chairs and tables. Sometimes we restore your family heirlooms or maybe just an impulse buy from Ebay. We build abstract lightboxes for your clubs, but also fitted cupboards for your house. We make entire garden areas inside your office building, but other times, we're just here to engrave your kid's name onto something special. We sell prints, antiques and make one-off giant barbie boxes, but will not shy away from any size production run.

In simple terms - we aim to give people back control over how their objects are made. We're a factory, open to the public.

//Oh, and we put on live music from time to time.



// Who makes all this stuff anyway?

It all started with this very simple question, and the truth is - it's got nothing to do with our daily lives anymore, and that's a shame. Our stuff just appears out of thin air - click and pewf, magic!

We believe that taking part in the process of manufacturing allows us to reconnect with the objects in our lives - to consider why we make and cherish what we've got.



// Involve people in production

Behind every single object we make are the raw materials that build it, the techniques that give it shape, the design process that perfects its utility - they're all valuable lessons in the story stuff has to tell us.

We want to help tell this story, to involve people, to teach and safeguard the skills and knowledge that go into the making of our everyday objects.


Stay local

// Open your doors

Every community has its specific needs and resources. We believe that focusing on our local area means that we get to know our customers better and, as a result, we're able to make more suitable products for them, reducing waste and keeping skills in the community.

Anyone can walk into our workshop and talk to us about something they want to make. It's that simple. We're a factory, but we're open to the public.

And what better place to do this from than Digbeth - in the historical champion of industry that is Brum.



// Make stuff with what you've got

We believe that looking at available local resources is the first step in making a sustainable product.

No need to source materials from the other side of the planet - chances are we've got everything we need somewhere nearby.

And if we don't, it's a great opportunity to adapt and rethink what we make our stuff from.


Design to Fit

// Make stuff you will keep

It's time to stop thinking of manufacturing as giant factories, but more as tailor shops.

Our aim is simple - to design and make objects that fit their owners in the hope that they will be kept for longer and used more.

And as needs change, we'll be here to provide an alteration service - to tailor what you've got into what you need.